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Angler Profile: Brady Edwards

Brady Edwards with a Huge New Jersey Largemouth Bass
Brady Edwards with a Huge New Jersey Largemouth Bass

Brady Edwards is a young man who knows how to catch big New Jersey largemouth and smallmouth bass. We talk to Brady about his love for fishing, his favorite fishing boats, and his favorite waters. Learn about Brady right here.

When did you start fishing?

I started fishing with my grandpa at very early age. I’d say around 7 or 8. We had a shore house in Sandy Hook, New Jersey. Grandpa would take me out on the little Boston Whaler and we would drift for fluke, often times with my parents, or cousins. These made some of the best memories for me and sparked my love of fishing.

My father was a huge influence on me as a young angler as well. He would take me to Hopkins Pond in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. We would toss out night crawlers on a float and wait for whatever bites!

Love the pic of your mom holding a bass. How often do you go fishing with her?

I love fishing with my mother! She grew up fishing with my late grandpa. She genuinely loves to fish just like I do. From freshwater to salt, bass to billfish, she’s had some experience, but still hates to hold her fish…lol! Nowadays we don’t get out there too much together…I wish we did! There’s nothing better than catching some bass with Mom.

What do you love about the sport of fishing today?

Fishing is a escape from reality. How cliche is that? Not only does it take my mind off everything and keep me out of trouble, the adrenaline of a solid topwater bite is unbeatable!

A lot of people have a biased opinion about fishing. They don’t understand fishing is not just casting out and waiting for a bite. What makes it a sport is all the decision making that comes with using lures.

There’s SO many ways to catch fish nowadays, and experimenting with all the different lures out there and techniques is what really drove my addiction. Fishing is something EVERYONE can do and I’ve met SO many good people from fishing that I can honestly say it’s not about the fish, but the people you fish with. Let that sink in.

You had an interesting post where you talked about taking your boat out but that the kayak will always be special for you. Why is this?

I was blessed with a boat early last year. I own a 2017 bass tracker pro 160. Man I love taking the tracker out! I must of took it out 100 times last year…possible exaggeration. But I have to admit that even though the boat is sick, what a blast kayak bass fishing can be!

I’ve been kayaking since I was 11 or 12 and it’s just something about it I love. Maybe it’s the fact that I can launch my kayak anywhere, and get into the spots my Tracker cannot. Maybe it’s the closeness to the water that makes me feel like so in-tune with nature. It could be the solid exercise I get while paddling from spot to spot. All in all I just enjoy how relaxing it can be! I love getting my yak pulled around by a big bass! Even though I now own a boat, kayaking is something I know I will never stop doing.

Brady Knows How to Catch Big New Jersey Largemouth Bass

Brady Knows How to Catch Big New Jersey Bass

What are your favorite New Jersey largemouth bass waters to fish?

Living in southern New Jersey, there’s only a handful of good bass public bass lakes, and those lakes get pressure! I grew up catching crappies and gills on the Cooper River and Newton Lake. I’ve never stopped fishing the river since. Hands down my favorite body of water to fish in South Jersey. The diversity of fish, abundance of baitfish, and structure make the lake a go-to for bass anglers.

I love fishing up north when I get a chance. That’s where you’ll find the best lakes in New Jersey. Reason being is the quality of water, depth, and size of the lakes. From Merrill Creek Reservoir to Spruce Run, you can’t beat the bass fishing up there.

What are your favorite largemouth methods on these bodies of water?

When fishing in South Jersey, most lakes are shallow and muddy with a few lay downs here and there. You can never go wrong throwing a jig, spinnerbait, or square-bill around cover.

Up in North Jersey where deeper water exists, I still throw the lures I just mentioned, but you definitely want to have a blade bait, Jerkbaits, and Ned rigs ready to go. Lately we’ve been killing bass on Ned rigs just casting out, letting em sink, and working em off the bottom. No matter what time of year the bass just eat them. Dropshots, and wacky rigs dominate the spring and summer it doesn’t matter what part of Jersey you are in.

You also catch some impressive New Jersey smallmouth. What are your favorite bodies of water for smallies in New Jersey?

Jersey smallmouth are definitely underrated! Although you rarely find them in the southern part of the state. A couple years back, Fish and Game took a highly acidic lake called Lake Audrey and dumped tons of lime and structure in it hoping to make it a honey hole for South Jersey smallmouth. Well it was for about two or 3 years until the pH levels started declining and smallmouth were being taken from it and introduced to other bodies of water in the area. I caught my personal best there that went around 4 1/2 to 5 pounds.

If you want quality smallmouth in Jersey, I recommended Spruce Run Reservoir, and Merrill Creek Reservoir. Both have great number of quality smallies and there both beautiful lakes with depth, structure, drop offs, dams, etc.

Who are your current sponsors?

Currently I don’t necessarily have any sponsors, nor have I gone out of my way to find some. But I am part of a group of on Facebook and Instagram called FROGEATERS. Topwater anglers from all over the world send in pics, and topwater content to be posted on our page.

My buddy started the group and it’s been gaining attention from anglers everywhere. We’re sponsored by a company called MegaFrox and they specialize in hand painted, topwater lures called Jumpfrogs. They sent me a bunch of their frogs and even some crazy topwater buzzbaits to use in exchange for exposure.

What are your fishing goals for 2018?

Some of my fishing goals for 2018 include getting my PB striped bass down the shore, and fishing more saltwater in general. I plan on catching my PB flathead this year as well. They are always fun to catch. I’d love to catch a Jersey bowfin as they are one of the only native fish to Jersey.

I plan on taking my boat out a lot this year. I’ve been wanting to catch my first musky for awhile now so that’s on the list as well. I’ve been buying some saltwater gear and I really plan on going hard on the surf this year.

Thanks Brady! Your enthusiasm for fishing is contagious. I will be following to see your reach goals on Instagram @_bradye_.