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Angler Profile: Anthony De Luca

Angler Profile with Anthony De Luca
Angler Profile with Anthony De Luca

In this Dock Talk 365 interview, we talk to Anthony De Luca. Anthony is an avid kayak angler and member of the Filthy Anglers team. We also get in a great fishing story about his personal best muskie caught from his kayak.

I love how much fun it looks like you are having while fishing. What do you love about fishing?

I love everything about fishing. It’s a passion that was brought down to me by my grandfather and uncles when younger. Being outdoors, in nature, on the water, enjoying what mother nature has to offer.

Fishing is simply a way to relax, forget about all of the real life issues. It also helped me fight depression and kept me alive and going.

I also love that no two fishing days are the same. It is a new challenge each time out. Some days will be better than others, some bigger and smaller catches. I love them all no matter the species. Always happy to get a bite and hear my reel spinning.

Fishing is my getaway. If I didn’t have a crazy schedule would love to do tournaments and meet other fellow anglers from the large worldwide fishing community and be able to learn from others.

What do you consider your 3 favorite fishing memories?

Oh my! So many memories…top 3 is difficult to say.

#1 – My musky is definitely my top memory up to now.

#2 – My 32″ walleye which is still a PB for the past few years.

#3 – My nothing under a 2 pound bass days when catching so many you loose count.

I have also had my share of bad but good memories. A fish that my buddy dropped which was definitely a PB monster bass; back to back PB smallmouth bass that slipped out of hand before pic or weigh in; and my PB freshwater drum when we didn’t get a good pic and the GoPro was dead. The drum weighed between 14 to 16 pounds and length was well over 30 inches.

Anthony DeLuca with a Nice Smallmouth Bass

Anthony De Luca with a Nice Smallmouth Bass

When did you specifically get into kayak fishing?

I started kayak fishing 6 years ago. Simply got tired of fishing the same shore spots and couldn’t afford a boat.

I did a lot of research. I was pretty new to fishing and did not know as much as I do now. So I got myself a yak. Now I have three!

All species are amazingly fun to catch out of a yak. Bass are still my favorite. I especially Love the fight they give you. Many of my catches are right on the drop. The tug they give when biting…you know you got a nice one when the reel screams and line goes and the bass runs and jumps…such an intense fish.

Largemouth and smallmouth bass are simply an amazing fighting machine, beautiful color patterns, each fight differently. Bass are definitely my favorite.

I especially like using topwater from the kayak. The blow ups can be insane at times. Finding them in the spots you couldn’t imagine. Such a great feeling to hook up with them!

What kayaks do you own?

First baby is my Ocean Kayak Torque 2010 in sand color.

Pro’s – Love having a buit in motor. Really is an innovator for all kayaks as first of it types with built in motor. Built by fisherman who enjoy kayaking. Sturdy as heck and can take big waves. It is quick to paddle. Very stable. Love it!!

Con’s – First generation seats weren’t the comfiest, comparing to what is out there now on the market. Like all yaks that front compartment is not easy to access

2nd yak bought it to bring out friends and initiate some to this beautiful activity. It is a 2013 Ocean kayak Trident 13.

Same as my torque, except no motor, so I knew what I was getting into.

Pro’s – Love the new mods done. Center console is sick…so many compartments. New seat comfier than previous seats. Very stable. Cuts waves like a hot knife through butter…lol.

Con’s – Slighty slimmer than my torque…not by much.

For the 3rd yak, I won this baby in an event, Pelican Kayak NXT120 Premium

Pro’s – Such an awesome all around kayak. Very stable and can stand up and almost dance on it, which you can see in one of my videos on my page. Wide body with easy access to everything in your surroundings

Con’s – It should be thicker polyesterene as plastic does get out of its regular shape when strapping it too hard. Not the quickest yak to paddle for long distances. Can turn easily with the hard winds, which if not anchored properly you tend to move in all but the proper direction.

Where do you love to bass fish in Quebec?

I definitely love the Saint Lawrence, lake St Louis, Lake St-Pierre, Lac Des Deux Montagnes, which is all technically the same body of water, just different areas. I fish where I can when I can depending on the weather.

Anthony with His Personal Best Muskie from His Kayak

Anthony with His Personal Best Muskie from His Kayak

While we mostly cover bass fishing on Dock Talk 365, you caught an enormous muskie last year on the kayak. What is the fish story behind it?

So my friends and I decided to go out and hit some walleyes. I did put my GoPro on but unfortunately noticed I didn’t push my SD card so nothing on film when thinking it was on. We tried a few spots.

When deciding to move to the next spot, I simply cast my lure out about 30 ft behind my yak to start trolling not to loose any opportunities. I started to paddle. Not even a few minutes I’m thinking I stuck…nope.

I stopped paddling and my rod just started to bend down with the tip almost touching water as I hear my reel screaming. This thing was heavy. I thought I had a log, but this beast made my rod dance. It bent the rod so much I was sure the rod was going to break.

This beauty ran many times. It ran under my yak where I almost lost my rod out of hands. I had to call my buddies near to help me net her.

I wasn’t sure what to do at first. It was by far my biggest fish I ever caught and biggest fish landed on my kayak. I am not sure what the weight was. We did have a chance to measure it at 52 inches. It was heavy as heck. The teeth on it were insane. Made me love fishing even more as it was a battle of a lifetime from this river monster. Such an adrenaline rush! Still my biggest fish to this day on a yak…not sure how long it will hold up as my PB.

What do you like about being part of the Filthy Anglers team?

Filthy Anglers are an easy going bunch like all of us. They love having fun at doing what they love. I must say I had many hot fishing days when wearing my Filthy gear…my lucky charm…haha.

Thanks Anthony. Will be following for all of your new PB’s on Instagram @anthonykayakfishing.