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Angler Profile: Angela S

Angela S with a Largemouth Bass
Angela S with a Largemouth Bass

In this interview, we discuss all things fishing with New York’s Angela S. She is an angler filled with passion for the sport. She has an infectious love of fishing and is inspiring other anglers¬† along the way. Join me in getting to know Angela.

Your Instagram profile says about fishing that it is “An interest that became a passion.” What do you mean by that?

Fishing had always been something that I enjoyed. Whether it was with my family or boyfriend. It was a hobby that I would only partake in when I had the time. I sometimes would only watch and enjoy being outdoors, taking in the beauty of nature surrounding me.

Before I knew it, I started to find myself becoming more intrigued by the fish and the sport itself. I was researching fishing seasons, limits, bodies of water and what types of fish they held. I started learning the importance of being a responsible angler, the different seasons and the patterns of fish. I strive to now find the time to fish. Taking a few days off of work to do so or when the day light is longer, racing home from work to hit the local stream for a few casts.

It is has become more of an addiction you could say, but I like the word “Passion” better. The tug is my drug. I see that is a popular hashtag, and it could not be more accurate!

You also state that you are learning every day. What have you learned about fishing over this last year?

To look back only a year or so, the things I have learned are incredible! My boyfriend has been my guide, mentor and partner. Along with him, my good friend Frank, a lot of reading and getting out and actually fishing have helped me learn a lot.

Two short years ago I couldn’t even tie my own knots, which meant every time I got snagged my boyfriend would have to re-tie me, poor guy. Honestly, one day I had enough. I sat in my living room and tied knots, one after another until I tied 10 knots in a row successfully. I was incredibly determined not to be helpless stream side. And now, I am not.

I have also learned what all the gear and tackle is and what to use for what type of fish and how to use it. I have done a lot of research on trout and have become much more familiar with proper handling techniques and how important handling is when you are practicing catch and release. The amount of knowledge I have gained in one short year is tremendous and there is still much more to learn! I can’t wait!

What has fishing continued to teach you about yourself?

That I am much more patient than I ever knew and easily frustrated at the same time. Does that make sense? There are days when I can cast and reel for hours straight with nothing on the end of my line, and other days when I get snagged every other cast and have only been fishing for 20 minutes…I feel defeated.

What makes you and your boyfriend great fishing partners?

Peter and I have been together for almost 10 years. We weren’t always great fishing partners…lol. Well, the fact we love each other helps, but it did take us a while to find our common ground. Again, the first years of fishing together he was really the one fishing until the last few years when I really took an interest. I began listening to what he was trying to teach me. Now every time we go out fishing, whether it’s stream side or on a lake, he has truly become my mentor. It has strengthened our relationship more than I ever imagined it could.

You are a true multi-species angler. What are your 3 favorite species to fish for?

Trout, walleye and salmon.

Trout Fishing in New York

Trout Fishing in New York

What do you love about fishing for each of those species?

Fishing for trout has been an eye opening experience for me. They are smart, beautiful creatures, and I am still learning a lot about trout fishing and how delicate they are.

Stream fishing is one of my favorite thus far. Being able to walk/hike through nature while listening to the water move along side of you…brings your mind and body to another level.

Fishing for walleye…I love how hard they hit. Feels like a monster at the other end of your line. Believe it or not, I have never caught a walleye from a boat. All have been wading off shore in the fall time right before dark when they are coming into feed.

I love fishing for salmon, and I don’t. We head up to the Salmon River in Pulaski during their spawning run. The more and more I fall in love with fishing, the more and more I want to be secluded and away from walls and walls of people lining the river.

Not only are there tons of bodies, these fish are not feeding, therefore; you have to hope your hook lands in their mouth. Once hooked, they take you for a ride. It is nothing like anything else you have ever experienced. I have to give credit where credit is due though…wading in the Salmon River is where my love of fishing really began.

What are your favorite New York bodies of water to fish?

Thus far, Long Lake, Salmon River, Kayaderosseras Creek, Oneida Lake and more recently the Battenkill River.

You recently attended a Bassmaster Elite event. What was that like?

It was so fun. I have never been to anything like that before. I took a ride on a Bass Boat, for the first time, and they are FAST! Wow!

The town of Waddington was wonderful and the solo road trip up north through the Adirondacks was amazing.

A young lady posted that you have been a inspiration to lady anglers. What does that mean to you to get such a compliment?

It means so much. It was really incredible to hear from this young lady. There are many lady anglers that I admire and look up to, and to know that I am that to her leaves me speechless.

The presence of women in fishing is exciting. I have observed many strong, smart, independent women not afraid to dive into a male dominated sport with no fear.

What are your goals for your own fishing as well as sharing your fishing with others for 2018?

My goal is to get out and fish more. To get better, you must practice. That is what I want to do…continue practicing, continue learning and continue inspiring young ladies who love fishing as much as I do!

Thank you Angela. I am looking forward to following all your great moments in 2018 on Instagram @upstateny_ladyangler. And thank you for inspiring other anglers along your fishing journey.