About Us

Dock-Talk-365There is nothing better than getting to the dock and discussing the day of fishing you are about to start or that you just experienced. It is part of the camaraderie of fishing.

Dock Talk 365 is about supporting the exchange of fishing information from one angler to another. We interview bass fishermen and fisherwomen from the United States and Canada. We also interview anglers throughout North America about fishing vacation destinations for other species.

Most of the time, we won’t be interviewing the top professionals (hopefully occasionally). Our focus is on the recreational or local tournament anglers who love to spend time on the water and are willing to share their valuable knowledge of their local waters and techniques as well as their overall perspectives on our sport.

Lastly, we want to note that we try to focus on anglers who care as much about the passing on of our sport to future generations as we do. From a conservation perspective, to proper fish handling techniques, to taking kids fishing, we strive to bring you anglers committed to the future of fishing.

So, take a look at our interviews. We are confident you will find some amazing Dock Talk right here 365 days a year.

If you would like more information about the blog, please email me.