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Garrett Gincley Blue Marsh Kayak Fishing

A Kayak Angler’s Guide to Fishing PA’s Blue Marsh Lake

Last year, we interviewed Zack Orth about fishing South Central Pennsylvania’s Blue Marsh Lake. Blue Marsh is located in Berks County, Pennsylvania. The Lake is slightly over 1,100 acres that is enjoyed throughout the year by water sports enthusiasts. Of course, here at DockTalk365, we are interested in only the fishing. So, I found another angler who loves fishing Blue Marsh and has unlocked some of its secrets for bass and muskie. Garrett Gincley is that fisherman. Garrett took time to fill us on how he approaches the lake with the added feature of being a kayak angler.

Central PA Susquehanna River Fishing with Ryan Myers

The Susquehanna River is my home body of water. I have fished the Susquehanna since I was 10, which means nearly 35 years of fishing the river. Every time I think I have the Suskie figured out, I meet an angler that helps me think of fishing the River in an all new way. Ryan Myers is one of these anglers that knows the Susquehanna inside and out and has a lot of cool ideas for catch the smallmouth that call it home. For example, I have never fished a blade bait on the river. Ryan does and has convinced me to pick up a few blade baits this off-season. So if you are an experienced River Rat on the Susquehanna or want to fish this smallmouth bass factory for the first time, Ryan’s interview provides a ton of great information.

scott schumann fishing

Virginia Bass Fishing with Scott Schumann

Last year we did a great interview with fisherman Ty Adams. Today, we have an interview with one of Ty’s previous tournament partners, Scott Schumann. Scott is a Virginia fisherman who fishes competitively on the BASS Nation Tournament Trail. He has also started his own cool YouTube channel. So I was excited when Scott agreed to do the interview. He provides some great information on his favorite waters as well as his love of spinnerbait fishing. Enjoy the interview.

I Could Fish All Day Everyday and I’d Be Smiling All Day Everyday.

Fishing has provided so much joy over my life. I noticed when finding Ty Adams on Instagram that he gets the same joy out of fishing as I do. What I didn’t know before this interview was that Ty has not been fishing long and has only been fishing for a little over a year. Ty began fishing tournaments soon after he started fishing and has even fished with BASS pro David Walker twice in his short fishing journey. Pretty impressive, huh? Yeah, I thought so. What is even more impressive is Ty’s outlook on fishing. So keep reading and discover why Ty is always smiling.

Talking Fishing and Sponsorships with Mike Mueller

It is not often to have the honor to speak with someone who has appeared on the cover of Bassmaster Magazine. So, I was really happy when Mike Mueller agreed to do the interview. Not only do we talk about Mike’s fishing but he breaks down his success with getting sponsorships, which is great advice for all those seeking these type of opportunities.