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Fishing The Kanektok River with Tom Kozlowski

Fishing The Kanektok River with Tom Kozlowski

Alaska is such a dream fishing location. Tom Kozlowski has had the opportunity to fish Alaska several times. His most recent trip was an unguided float trip on the Kanektok River. The Kanetok River is located in Southwestern Alaska. Tom takes us through all aspects of his trip with great advice for others considering the adventure.

Interview with Toronto Fishing Guide Joseph Teofilo

I had a chance to get the scoop on fishing and guiding the Greater Toronto Area with fishing guide Joseph Teofilo. Joe has been guiding these waters since 2015 but has been fishing many of them his entire life. He fishes for a lot of different species and we ask him about his steelhead, pike and bass fishing. Lots of good fishing information in this interview.

Chasing Ontario Steelhead with Dave Naluz

Dave Naluz is an avid trout angler in Ontario. After talking with him, it became obvious he has a real passion for steelhead fishing. Dave is kind enough to discuss his steelhead fishing with us. He talks about the equipment he uses for chasing big fish with a Centerpin rod and reel. Lots of good stuff here. So, keep reading to learn all about Dave…

Center Pin Fishing with Arthur Jeco Reinoso

Center Pin Fishing

We were honored to get a chance to interview Arthur Jeco Reinoso aka @Angling_Art on Instagram. He describes his Instagram page as where “angling…