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10 Best Things about Fishing the Adirondacks

Beautiful Adirondacks Native Trout
Beautiful Adirondacks Native Trout

I checked in with Alex Martin from the Adirondack Angling Company about his love of fishing the Adirondacks. The Adirondack Angling Company is a blog that Alex runs, which can be found here- The blog provides fishing reports and trip reports from the outings of Alex and his friends. They mostly fish in the Adirondacks but have gone to places in the Catskills, Maine, Vermont, New Jersey and Canada.

Alex has been fishing the Adirondacks for 16 years and fishing it with his friends for around 8 years. His love of fishing this area of the Northeast is obvious. So, I asked him to breakdown his top 10 best things about fishing the Adirondacks!

#1: Variety of Places to Explore

From huge lakes to small brooks there is truly something for every angler in the Adirondack Park.

#2: Native fish

On many bodies of water we have a chance to catch some true Adirondack natives. Brook and Lake trout used to be the main species in the park. And thanks to conservation efforts we have healthy populations in a lot of waters once again.

#3: Lake George

This is without a doubt the crown jewel of the Adirondacks. With crystal clear water and a strong population of both cold water and warm water species this is the must fish lake in the Adirondacks.

Anglers can fish for bass, perch and lake trout all within a short boat ride on the lake. Fishermen can expect to catch both numbers as well as size for lake trout which are a prized quarry on this lake. If bass are more your thing the boathouses and bays will keep you busy casting for smallmouth and largemouth.

West Branch Ausable River

West Branch of the Ausable River

#4: West Branch of the Ausable River

Flyfishers flock to this river for good reason. Ample public access and trout packed into every pocket on this river make it a must fish. Hatches are great, and it is the kind of river where you can always find rising fish. Big brown trout are the primary target, but there are nice rainbows in there too as well as brook trout.

#5: Ice Fishing

I am a relative rookie to the favorite winter past time of a lot of the locals in the park but I have fast grown to love it. The Adirondack lakes and ponds typically freeze early and stay froze for a long time giving you on the average year 3 good months of ice fishing. Lake trout and pike are what a lot of anglers are after and luckily the Adirondacks offers plenty of quality options for both species.

#6: Scenery

This park is simply beautiful I love being able to fish in a wilderness setting. Looking back to see a view of the mountains just adds to the experience of fishing. Couple that with landing a few fish and you won’t find a better way to spend a weekend.

#7: Schroon Lake

This smaller cousin of Lake George is another great two story fishery and a must fish for the winter. Healthy numbers of lake trout and salmon are the main attraction for most anglers. But there are also plenty of bass and perch here too. Not to mention the gator pike that roam the lake, each year people catch 25 pounders.

#8: Public Access

This enormous park is primarily owned by the public and as such you have almost too many options to choose from as far as access points. Campgrounds, boat launches, and pull offs all are set up to give people the best access possible to get onto their favorite body of water.

Adirondack Salmon Caught by Alex Martin

Adirondack Salmon Caught by Alex Martin

#9: Salmon Fishing

The tributaries of Lake Champlain get runs of salmon in the spring and fall. For the diehard fly fisherman nothing tops getting a salmon on the fly. Patience and persistence will pay off for the fisherman that is willing to put the time in.

Most fish will be 18 to 24 inches but 10 pound slammers are in there. No matter the size the salmon is always the top pound for pound fighting fish when hooked.

#10: Variety of fish

Just like there is a type of water for every fisherman there is also a species for every fisherman. Bass, pike, panfish, trout, and salmon give anglers a smorgasbord to choose from.

A big thank you to Alex. Please make sure to check out his blog. Alex and his friends do a great job with the Adirondack Angling Company blog.