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Tim Rundle with Smallmouth Bass Caught on JaKKed Baits SKKaterbait

Fishing the JaKKed Baits SKKaterbait

We discuss how Tim Rundle fishes the JaKKed Baits SKKaterbait for largemouth and smallmouth bass.

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Ardent Outdoors Dock Talk 365 Interviews

Interviews with Ardent Outdoors sponsored and pro staff anglers.

Z-Man TRD Fishing on the Shenahdoa River with Priscilla Johnson

Tips for Fishing a Ned Rig with a Z-Man TRD

It was my pleasure to talk with Priscilla Johnson about one of her favorite techniques with one of her favorite baits, the Ned Rig with a Z-Man TRD. Priscilla discusses her approach when fishing the bait. We also discuss her love of Vibe kayaks.

Fishing Spots

Theo Kuczarski Loch Raven Reservoir

Fishing Loch Raven Reservoir with Theo Kuczarski

Learn about bass fishing on Loch Raven Reservoir outside of Baltimore, Maryland with Theo Kuczarski.

Fishing Vacations

Lake Kesagami 2017 July Fishing Trip Report

Lake Kesagami 2017 July Fishing Trip Report

Lake Kesagami Wilderness Lodge is a premier fishing trip destination. We talk to Kyle Sheridan about his 2017 trip to Kesagami.

Fishing Tips

Water Warrior Custom Crankbaits

Early Spring Crankbait Fishing Tutorial Part 2

This is Part 2 of our early spring crankbait fishing tutorial with David Maldonado of Water Warrior Fishing.

Flipping with Lucas Bogosian

Flipping with Lucas Bogosian

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