Rob’s Lake Ontario Kayak Bass Fishing Trip Report

DockTalk365 New York

New Jersey’s Rob Hoehn aka @njyakattack decided to take a spring bass fishing trip to New York’s Lake Ontario. Unlike others who pull up in their big boats, Rob takes on Lake Ontario in his kayak. And the results? Well read on to find out the bass fishing clinic he put on during his trip.

Ottawa River Kayak Fishing with OTownYaker

DockTalk365 Ontario

The Ottawa River is a great fishing trip destination. What many people don’t realize is that it offers great kayak fishing opportunities. I speak with Eric from O-Town Fishing Adventures to discuss his kayak fishing guide service on the Ottawa River.

Balsam Lake Fishing with Aaron Segin

Balsam Lake with Aaron Segin

DockTalk365 Ontario

Balsam Lake sometimes get overlooked with other waters like Lake Simcoe nearby. But anglers in this area know the great fishing that Balsam can offer. Aaron Segin took some time to discuss Balsam Lake, which is his favorite place to fish. Aaron also represents a number of great fishing companies and tells us what he likes about being part of these companies.

Lake Kesagami is a Dream Trip

Tighe’s Lake Kesagami Fishing Trip Report

DockTalk365 Ontario, Vacations

Oh Kesagami! How I dream of thee! This holy grail of Northern Pike and Walleye fishing has not been crossed off my bucket list yet. That is not the case for Tighe McLaughlin and his father. They crossed off Lake Kesagami in 2016 and were not disappointed in the results of their trip. In fact, they loved it so much that they have another trip scheduled for 2018. Tighe recounts the trip for us and lets us experience Kesagami through his stories. Tighe also provides a lot of great information for anyone considering a trip. So read on and start dreaming about Lake Kesagami.

BRO with a May Leech Lake Walleye

Leech Lake Minnesota Walleye Fishing with Bro

DockTalk365 Minnesota, Vacations

Leech Lake is an outstanding fishery located in North Central Minnesota. This lake has been on my bucket list for quite sometime. With thriving Walleye populations, booming Northern Pike fishing, outstanding world class Muskie fishing and emerging Smallmouth Bass trophy fish, what is not to like about Leech Lake? I tracked down Brian ‘BRO’ Brosdahl who guides on Leech. Brian was kind of enough to give us an overview of the fishing on Leech Lake. You’ll see why this fishing trip destination belongs on your bucket list as well.

Shallow Water Rivers in All Conditions with Scott Johnson

DockTalk365 Maryland, Pennsylvania

Professional guides don’t have the option of sitting out a day on the water due to tough conditions. Also, days without fish in the boat are not good for business. So, I took the opportunity to ask Life Outdoors Unlimited Guide Scott Johnson about how he fishes through tough conditions. Scott guides on two amazing fisheries, Susquehanna River and Upper Potomac. Both are known for their clear shallow water and their amazing smallmouth bass fishing. In this interview, Scott teaches us how to get it done no matter what the conditions.

Morgan Trojner Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass

Fishing Lake Erie with LIVETARGET’s Morgan Trojner

DockTalk365 Ontario

I had a chance to discuss Lake Erie fishing with Morgan Trojner, who works for LIVETARGET Lures. What I noticed about Morgan was that he was catching a lot of big Smallmouth Bass on Lake Erie out of a relatively small boat for such a big body of water. In this interview, Morgan shares his strategies to fishing Lake Erie from his Crestliner, thoughts about safety on the water and his favorite baits for catching big Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass.