Angler Profile: John Seney

Angler Profile: Ontario’s John Seney

When I first found Ontario’s John Seney on Twitter, I knew very quickly I wanted to interview him. His work to bring awareness about PTSD for first responders and his love of fishing made him an easy choice for an interview. But what stood out most about John was his love and dedication to his children, not only as young anglers but in every aspect of their life. I am so grateful that John took some time to let all of us get to know him. As you will read, this is a great guy committed to all the right things in life.

Gene Ellison The Fishing Machine

Get to Know Gene Ellison The Fishing Machine

Being a professional angler is the dream of so many anglers. Boston’s Gene Ellison is one of those anglers living this dream. Gene not only has developed his very successful The Fishing Machine brand but also has made a powerful impact on our sport. So when Gene agreed to the interview, I knew there was a lot to cover. This is a must read for all anglers with professional fishing aspirations. Gene offers a number of unique takes on what it takes to be a successful full-time or part-time professional angler. I find Gene’s take on sponsorship particularly interesting. This is one of those interviews that you will want to read and reread. There is a lot here that will make you think.

Fishing with Ontario’s Kelly M

Ontario is filled with amazing anglers. When I first found Kelly M on Twitter, I knew right away that she had an amazing passion for fishing. I also saw how she represents the companies that sponsor her and knew that there was a lot to learn from her. Kelly was kind enough to do this…

Fitfield Outfitters

Delaware River Fishing with Fifield Outfitters

As the weather warms more and more anglers start thinking about stalking streams and rivers for trout. Here in the Northeast, we are blessed with numerous world class trout waters. One of the best of these waters is the Delaware River. The River’s East and West Branch produce some of the best trout fishing in…

BassGeek Arkie Jig Fishing

Arkie Jig Fishing with YouTube’s BassGeek

Not too long ago, I found the BassGeek on Twitter. I followed the links to his YouTube channel and was immediately impressed with the BassGeek’s knowledge of fishing. The BassGeek is Virginia’s Hank Rogers. Out of the topics Hank covers on his YouTube channel, I wanted to talk about jig fishing, particularly his use of the Arkie…

Virginia Pond Fishing with Ryan Green

Virginia Pond Fishing Techniques with Ryan Green

Virginia has a lot of great fishing opportunities. But Virginia pond fishing might be one of its most overlooked. Largemouth bass are plentiful and many of these small bodies of water. And Trophies exist if you know what you are doing. I noticed Ryan Green on Twitter doing a great job stalking the banks of…

Morgan Cignini Lake Erie Smallmouth

Fishing with Ontario’s Morgan Cignini

I warn you that taking a look at Morgan Cignini’s Instagram feed will make you want to go fish immediately no matter where you are or what you are doing. The guy catches trophy fish after trophy fish. From monster Ontario largemouth to world-class smallmouth bass to even his love of the saltwater snook, photo…